Main menu

After finishing tutorial you get into hangar, which can be roughly called the main menu of our game. Here you can find all required information about robots, profiles and all available functions.


  1. Settings

    In the settings you can set sounds and graphics parameters, change nickname and settle game for yourself. For your convenience, settings are divided into several categories.

  2. Fuel

    For entering the battle you need to have fuel in the hangar. Pay attention that random map and particular ones require different amount of fuel.

  3. Player information

    Here you can see your nickname, installed robot and also after pressing on this section you get into your game statistics.

  4. Player level and amount of earned experience

    For leveling up you need to earn experience points that you get in the battle. The more scale is filled, the closer you are to the next level.

  5. Gold/Silver/Shop

    This is fund that you have earned. You can spend it on bonuses or save it for buying robot/module.

  6. Hangar

    You can find the list of all robots here and also you can install robot that you have bought previously.

  7. Upgrades

    All robots have several modules of upgrade. Upgraded modules let you get advantage in the battle.

  8. Ammunition

    Buy ammunition before the battle in advance to make the battle more effective.

  9. Super-weapon

    The use of super-weapon significantly affects your chances to win.

  10. Camouflage

    Lets you increase robot attack and fire speed.

  11. Power unit

    Lets you increase armor and robot speed.

  12. Battle button

    After pressing battle button you get into map choice page, ammunition page and then to the battle itself.