In this section we will discuss all the icons on the battle screen, their meaning and ways to use. To your convenience, we have numbered it.


  1. Name and current game experience

    In the battle you earn experience that helps you to increase your game level and also affects your place in the in-game tournament. You get experience for destroying enemies and also as bonuses on the battlefield.

  2. Game settings

    You can use extra settings in the battle. We will discuss it in details in the separate section.

  3. Command window

    Lets players give commands to the members of your team or other players in time. We will discuss it in details in the separate section.

  4. Battle events

    Battle events shortly describe the situation on the field: who was destroyed and by whom.

  5. Armor

    Here you can find armor value of your robot. With the help of it you can estimate how strong was enemy’s hit. The less armor remains, the less scale is filled with color.

  6. Reloading

    On this scale you can see how much time the reloading will take. As soon as the scale is filled, you can shoot.

  7. Timer

    Timer counts time till the end of the battle. The battle continues for 5 minutes, however you can prolong it for 3 minutes with the help of prolongation button, which appears in the end of the battle.

  8. Player's fund

    As soon as you earn something in the battle or collect as a bonus it is immediately added to your fund. And the accrual happens in the battle itself, not after the battle.

  9. Mini-map

    Mini-map displays actions on the battle field, enemy position and main obstacles on the map.

  10. Ammunition

    Purchased before the battle ammunition that you take with yourself. To learn more about ammunition, it's installation and purchase you can find in section Ammunition > Ammunition.

  11. Super weapon

    If you have installed super weapon, it displays in the right part of the screen, near the ammunition. To learn more about super weapon follow section Ammunition > Super-weapon.

  12. Auto-movement button

    Can be turned on/off with key R. Lets you create straight course of movement for your robot. He follows it automatically.