Problems with scoring

  • Max kill in a row

  • Battle consists of several rounds. The statistics takes the number of destroyed rivals not for the whole fight, but for one segment of life (round).

    For example: in battle you died 2 times. So this battle will consist of 3 rounds: from the beginning of the game till 1st death, from 1st to 2nd and from 2nd till the end of the game. In first round you destroyed 3 enemies, in 2nd - 5 and in the last one - 8. In the statistic you will have max kill in a row: 8.

  • Why do I get less experience than others?

  • The stronger the opponent and the more upgrades it has, the more experience you get for his kill.
    The higher your level, the more enemies of the same level there are in the battle. If you kill them you will get fewer points than if you were on the lower level.
    When your robot level is high you can find players on the map of your level and lower. So that you will get less experience.

  • Why doesn't the game count bonuses?

  • It may happen if you have problems with internet connection.Your client can't send the message about picking up to our server. So the server can't calculate it.

  • Why didn't I get daily reward?

  • In order to get reward you need to enter the battle and finish it every day. After the first battle is completed, you will see the calendar. You can also find it on the right side of main menu .

    Pay attention, the calendar consists of thirty days: when you miss any, one by one they are crossed starting from the end.