The game crashes (connection problem)

  • What should I do if I got disconnected?

  • If you got disconnected from the battle, first of all, check your internet connection.

    You can also check your ping to Amsterdam or Singapore, depending on what server you are playing. Remember that it shouldn't be higher than 300 ms.

    We recommend you to get acquainted with the minimal system requirements for our game. If your device suits system requirement and your ping doesn't exceed the maximum level of threshold, please, contact technical support.

  • The game shows me connection error!

  • The reason of this error may be either due to the works on the server (we warn players in advance in our official groups) or due to unstable internet connection.
    Remember that the closer you are to server the better connection will be.
    We recommend you to check your ping to Amsterdam (Europe) or Singapore (Asia), depending on where your server is located. It shouldn't be higher than 300 ms.
    Close background apps that can load your internet connection.
    Clean RAM and check if the game conflicts with antivirus.

    If the error appears again, please, contact technical support.