Game rules violation

  • I saw one player twice in one battle

  • For the battle a room is created, then it is filled with players. The player spends 5 minutes in the room and gets out. Rooms continue to exist. The same player can get into the same room and play for 5 minutes, but again, with a new count.

  • What should I do if I have found a cheater?

  • If you saw cheater in the battle, please, write technical support about it. Your message should include:
    1. Exact nickname of the player who you suspect in cheating;
    2. The reason why you suspect him or her;
    3. Attach screenshots (if any).
    Any information about this player and his or her violations will help us to handle this situation as soon as possible.

  • What should I do if I was banned in the game?

  • To find out the reason why you were banned, write us on e-mail [email protected]. Your message should include
    1. The name of the game (We receive letters from players from all our games);
    2. Your ID (ID is personal identification code of every player. You can find it in the settings);
    3. Your nickname and level (If you don't remember your ID, this information will help us find your profile);
    4. Describe your problem in the letter.