Personal tournament

  • My rating score doesn't update.

  • When you join the team your participation in regional tournaments stops, and participation in command tournaments begins. Even if you didn't manage to get a reward for the tournament.

  • Why does my rating score decrease?

  • Your rating (team score and total score) updates every day and displays your activity for the last 30 days. If it decreases, it means that last 30 days you showed less activity.

  • I didn't get the reward

  • The counting of the results also takes some time. Usually it ends on Monday. If the time has passed, but the award still didn't come then try to:
    1. Reopen the game;
    2. Check if your region displays correctly. Unfortunately, if your region wasn't set on the moment of counting, the award will not come.
    3. Remember whether you have entered the team. When you join the team, your participation in the personal tournaments stops. Pay attention that even if you enter the team after the end of the tournament, the counting of the results may still not be ended.

  • My tournament board has disappeared, what should I do?

  • You participate in the tournaments of the region where you live. We get information about your location from IP-address which your provider sends to us. We don't have our mechanism of determining.