• I have vip and I want to buy more, will it start from the very beginning?

  • If you have vip and you buy more, then old and new vip will be summed up.

  • I was promised extra gold/silver, but I didn't receive it!

  • Pay attention that sum in the window "extra" is already included in the final sum.

    For example, 4 gold are already included in 44 gold.

  • I have paid, but mу purchase didn't come.

  • Dear players, remember that the payment may be proceeded from 1 minute to 1 day. If after 1 day of waiting, the purchase wasn't added to your account, please, contact technical support of the game. Don't forget to attach the screenshot of payment with the number of the transaction.

  • Why do I need a screenshot of payment?

  • All in-game purchases go through the Store and not directly to us. It may happen that you made a purchase, however, the Store didn't send information to our server. Your purchase will not be added to your account in such a case. For purchase confirmation we need screenshot from the Store itself, not from your bank count.

  • Where can I find screenshot of payment?

  • For purchase confirmation we need screenshot from the Store itself, not from your bank count. You can find it in the history of payments in the Store where you made a purchase.

    For example, you play via android, so you pay via Google Store.

    Pay attention that screenshot from the bank count won't do - you confirm transaction to the store. How you spend this money in the Store - we don't know.

  • I can't make a purchase

  • If you have any problems while making purchase, please, contact technical support. Describe the situation in details and we will find out what went wrong and how you can solve it.

  • How can I make a gift to friend?

  • A gift can be made through the personal account page. "Options" - "personal account" - shop (the upper right corner with "cart" icon) - make a choice - find a player - make a payment.

  • I made a purchase on offer, but received no extras!

  • 1. Make sure the special offer was active for you at the moment of making purchase. For this restart the game and check if the timer is still working.
    2. Check whether you made a gift or not. Sales and special offers don't apply to gifts.

    Otherwise, contact technical support.

  • I made a gift, it came without extras

  • Dear player, pay attention that sales and special offers don't apply to gifts. There is a notification on the personal account page.