Chat moderator

This section is obligatory for reading if you are Moderator or going to be a Moderator.

First of all, chat moderation is voluntary commitment.

You take a decision to moderate chat primarily for yourself and for other players to keep communication in chat in the positive and calm atmosphere.

Moderators are representatives of the developers in chat so they should chat with players only in polite and proper tone. It isn’t allowed to offend players on behalf of Moderator.

Moderators can chat with players on their own behalf as ordinary players (without violating chat rules) in daily communication on neutral themes.

However, in the case of game rules, violation Moderator is prohibited to take somebody’s side in an argument while giving warnings or applying sanctions on their behalf.

Moderators must act objectively in any situation that requires their interference.

Be consistent in your decisions.

In order to become a Moderator, you need to send a request to the Facebook group or write directly to the Administrator of the group. Your message should contain the following information:

- ID number in the game (you can find it in the Settings)
- Name of the Country where you want to be a Moderator
- Reasons why you are sure you will cope with this responsibility
- Amount of possible hours in the chat.

Your game profile should be also linked to your Facebook account from which you write to us - in order to have the ability to contact you at any moment.

Moderators, if you need any help, please contact current Administrator.

Nobody will leave you alone with problems. The administrator will always be ready to help you indisputable situation, increase the term of punishment for persistent violators, give required information about the game.