Chat rules

What is prohibited in chat:

  1. Inappropriate nickname (that are offensive or include hidden vulgar words,offences of other players and so on). In such a case Moderator will pass information to Administrator. The nickname will be changed at the discretion of Administration.

  2. Open discussion on Administrator, Developers or Moderators actions, open criticism and conflicts with other Moderators.

  3. Incite other players to violate the rules.

  4. Agitation against Developers team, any game functionality or donations.

  5. Provide Administration false information (complain on ban chat after conscious violation of chat rules, complain on players actions that doesn’t correspond to the facts, screenshot fakings).

  6. Use swear words in all forms (vailed, censored with symbols and so on).

  7. Offences, swear words, threats and negative discussion of Players or Developers.

  8. Distribute content that contains swear words, abuses and offences to human dignity.

  9. Incite conflicts, animosity and any form of discrimination.

  10. Alcohol, smoking and banned substances propaganda.

  11. Terrorism and banned organisations propaganda.

  12. Political agitation.

  13. Spam, flood, flames, Caps Lock, off tops (irrelevant to the topic messages that may divert players)

  14. Begging in any form.

  15. Distribution of promo and referral links.

  16. Send, buy, exchange, transfer account, promo-codes, any game values.

  17. Incite to harass concrete player.

  18. Incite to ban yourself under any reason.

  19. Pretend to be a Developer, defraud password or any other game data.

  20. Write in country chat on other language except the language of this country or English language (as most spread international language) - It means that, for example, in German chat you need to write in German or English languages;

Remember that anonymity in chat doesn't annul your own manners.